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Light Bee X Road Legal

  • Max. speed

    45 Km/h

  • Peak power


  • Total weight

    50 kg

  • Charge Time

    ~3 hours

  • Maximum range

    100 km at 20 km/h

  • Maximum load

    100 Kg



The SUR-RON LB Road Legal Dual Sport E-Dirt Bike promises advanced fun on all terrain. 60V and more than 6kW of peak power from a removal Panasonic Lithium ion battery pack. Forged light weight alloy frame combined with hi-spec components, total weight just 47kg. 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear. LCD dash with USB charger point. Aimed at youth to adult, with a climbing ability of over 45° it offers hours of near silent fun with a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge, depending on mode. Top speed 30MPH (easy full speed modification for off road use), Fast Re Charge 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

Technical information


  • Sine wave controller delivers smoother power with more torque with ReGen for improved range.
  • New DNM USD front suspension with improved travel 203mm.
  • Improved riding position: wider thicker seat combined with wider higher bars.
  • Heavier duty Gold O Ring chain for lower maintenance & reduced noise.
  • Updated brakes: 4 pot titanium finish callipers now with sintered pads with improved heat dissipation and braking power.
  • Pro handlebar grips in grey.
  • New 2019 Graphics Kit

Tested and certified protection against dirt, dust and wet weather use under normal riding conditions

  • Motor Type: PMSM
  • Mounting Position: Mid Weight / Motor External
  • Diameter: 7.0kg / 180mm
  • Motor Axial Length: 130mm
  • Peak Efficiency: 95.60%
  • Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
  • Controller Controller Type: X Version Sine Wave
  • Dimensions: 240mm x 110mm x 50mm
  • Peak Efficiency: 98.50%
  • Power Modes: Eco and Sport Motor Power System
  • Rated Voltage: 60V (DC)
  • Rated Power / Peak Power: 3000W / 6000W
  • Rated Torque / Peak Torque: 10.2Nm / 39.00Nm
  • Motor Shaft Output Torque @ 1000RPM: 35.40Nm
  • Rated Rotation Speed: 4300RPM
  • Peak Efficiency: 97.8%
  • Range of Efficiency (≥80): 1.4Nm - 21.5Nm
  • Length: 1870 mm
  • Width: 780 mm
  • Height: 1040 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1260 mm
  • Min. Ground clearance: 270 mm
  • Vehicle weight: 50 kg
  • Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle: 24 kg
  • Weigth distribution of Rr. Wheel axle: 26 kg
  • Max. load capability: 100 kg
  • Forward inclining angle: 26°
  • Steering angle: 46°
  • Fr. Absorbers stroke: 200 mm
  • Rr. Absorber/Wheel stroke: 87/210 mm
  • Max. motor rotation speed: 4500r/min
  • Cooling method: Air-cooled
  • Climbing ability: 35°
  • Range: 100km (@ 20km/h)
  • Max. torque: 200N.m
  • Gearshift type and transmission ratio: 1:7.6
  • Transmission type: Belt + Chain
  • Belt brand and model: HTD 8M
  • Frame type: Aluminium alloy double cradles design
  • Fr. Absorber: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
  • Rr. Absorber: Multi-link central shock absorber
  • Tire size (Fr.): 70/100-19
  • Tire size (Rr.): 70/100-19
  • Wheel type (Fr.): 19×1.4
  • Wheel type (Rr.): 19×1.4
  • Fr. brake type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake
  • Rr. brake type: Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake
  • Controller type: 48/60V self-adaptable
  • ECU type: GPS Data connection
  • Horn: European standard horn
  • Charger type: Constant current & voltage 58.8V-5A
  • Battery specs: 60V 32AH Battery specs
  • Headlight type: German standard bicycle headlight
  • Brake lamp/tail lamp type: German standard bicycle tail lamp
  • USB Power source: USB-2.1A single socket
  • Single socket: IBN negative display dashboard



Powered by a removable Panasonic power pack    

Removable Integrated Battery system looks neat and is super user-friendly: it completely hides the battery in the frame for protection, easy removal with the turn of a key, no tools required.

Hi Power 60 Volt 32AH battery pack 18650 Panasonic cells, high power BMS, Quad temp sensors real-time monitoring, host computer management process with data interface.

Advanced architecture for high ratio load capacity, improved life span, in built safety and reliability. ​

Battery LCD gauge: Illuminated during use or whilst charging, or just press a button to check accurately your charge level at any time.



Looking for high speed thrills? The Sur-Ron is often accompanied by words such as "crazy"  and "exciting", and it's clear to see why.

With 6Kw of power and 200Nm of Torque on a bike that weighs just 50KG, acceleration is fast and instant. Single speed (no gearing) make it easy and superb fun to ride - just twist and go!



Sur-ron Light Bee is an electric motorcycle that does not require any ordinary maintenance.
It is advisable according to use and type of use:

  1. Lubricate chain and forks occasionally
  2. Chain, pinions, pivots and spokes will have to be checked for tension. Suspension bolts and axles will have to be re-tighten occasionally
  3. The battery lasts longer if certain rules regarding storage, charging, use and temperature limits are observed

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